Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching Up Part 4 – Laundry Day - 31 December 2012

This post is about .some of the less eventful, every day doings Coccinelle and I have been sharing.

Time to go to the laundromat time (past time, actually).  Because it can be a month, sometimes more, between visits, I always have several loads to do and use the larger machines:

While we were waiting for the wash to be done, Coccinelle’s eye was caught by the various vending machines which dispense food, laundry soap, candy, and little toys.  She was particularly interested in this one, so we spent a few extra quarters and were very excited when she got not only a green martian, but then a purple one, two – her favorite color!

Finally everything has been washed and dried, and is hung up or folded and ready to be put back into baskets and taken home:

(Yes, I agree, that's a lot of laundry for just one person...but it's bedding and towels and furniture covers for the dogs, too....)

On the way home, Coccinelle helped me pump gas for the car:

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