Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Coccinelle!

Coccinelle arrived early this evening.  Her companions on the journey halfway around the world were several beautiful cranes -- tiny, perfectly formed origami cranes that is....

Coccinelle and her traveling companions looking forward to spending time on the southern California coast.

She got here just in time for an unexpectedly serious introduction to America: the final debate between our Presidential candidates....

"It's a good thing I studied English before I came."

 She also met her temporary housemates, Bella and Fred....

Bella, Coccinelle, and Fred hang out on the couch
Getting cozy with Bella

A little cuddling with Fred

With Bella, sharing a joke...

...and a smooch

And what just happened to be for dinner?  Roasted BRUSSELS sprouts!


We're all looking forward to Coccinelle's visit, and can't wait to start showing her the sights and scenery of southern California!

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