Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Office Visit

Since Coccinelle travels with me in my backpack, in order to help her stay safe and clean I've given her a travel bag which provides her protection without being claustrophobic:

Last week, she visited me at my office job in downtown Los Angeles. It is my great good fortune to have a huge window behind my desk, through which she could enjoy the view down to Fifth Street below:

One of the projects I was working on was making 700+ consecutively numbered labels and then affixing them to a stack of documents (not one of the more interesting parts of my office job...):

Hmmm, that doesn't look like English to me....
Much more fun was getting to hang out with some of my desk mates (you can see that stack of documents in the lower right corner):

Wow, so many toys!  Are you sure you WORK here?!?
At one point Coccinelle...um, flew down between the cabinet behind my desk and the window, and when I crawled around to retrieve her, I saw what had gotten her attention -- this guy was hiding back there and was ready to come out and make a new friend:

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