Friday, November 2, 2012

Larchmont Family Fair!

Every year in my neighborhood there is a "Family Fair", held (usually) on the last Sunday before Halloween.  Lots of fun activities (pony rides, petting zoo, climbing wall, crafts, dunk tank, and much more) and of course plenty of food, all provided by a wide range of social, cultural, and civic organizations (such as Boy Scouts, churches and synagogues, Police and Fire, realtors, local restaurants, etc.).  Since becoming a member of the Board of our Neighborhood Association a few years ago, I spend those afternoon helping hand out informational flyers and brochures about neighborhood issues in general and safety and security issues in particular.  More importantly (and much more fun), we have also give out homemade cookies and, for the second year in a row, cute Halloween temporary tattoos.

Coccinelle and I stayed up very late the night before making three different kinds of cookies -- ginger, chocolate chip, and pumpkin oatmeal.  Here, Coccinelle is helping make dough for the latter:

And here she admires the results:

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Next day we hung out a lot at the booth...

...but we also walked around so Coccinelle could take in the fun of the fair  One of the first things she did, of course, was make some new friends:

 They looked so cute with their painted faces, we just had to get a picture with them!

Another new friend was Daniella, who was at a booth where people were decorating trick or treat bags.  Here she is with Coccinelle, showing off one side of the bag we made:

There was a very hip looking little llama at the petting zoo...

...while down at the other end of the fair there were camel rides!!!

However, our very favorite of all was:

Unfortunately, the line was never less than 45 minutes long and we had to get back to the booth, but...DOESN'T THAT LOOK LIKE SO MUCH FUN?!?!

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