Monday, November 5, 2012


Coccinelle's first Halloween in America was very quiet, but we do have a few pictures to share.

This year for my office job's decorate-a-pumpkin-using-things-you-have-at-your-desk contest, I made "Bob Brings the Zombpocalypse to the Company =or= How We Really Recruit Our Staff":

Coccinelle was quite amused, and I won second place (out of about a dozen entries).

She also made friends with La Llorona, aka Linda, one of only two people who came in costume to work this year.  La Llorona ("la yo-ro-na"), or The Weeping Woman, is a Mexican legend which tells of a woman who drowned her children in order to be with a man she loved who then rejected her, and she drowned herself.  She wasn't allowed to enter into eternity until she found her children, so now she wanders the earth, weeping constantly as she searches for them.  Linda always does a good job with her costumes, and this year was no exception (you can't see it with the shawl covering her, but she's wearing a very long white wig, a black blouse, and a floor-length black skirt):

Coccinelle is very brave to sit on La Llorona's shoulder!

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